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Ekin Industrial Devices, specialized in producing computer controlled systems by employing the most up to date developments in current technologies, is offering instruments employing the self-designed microprocessors.
With its specialized staff, Ekin Industrial Devices has developed highly reliable software and hardware without any know-how, licence and patents from an outer sources. As such, Ekin Industrial Devices renders the advantages of the computer world in Automation Control to the services of Turkish and other countries’ industries. Ekin Industrial Devices has a great experience in PLC application especially on OMRON and Siemens PLCs.
With the ever increasing importance and trend for employment of "Computer Controlled Systems", the contemporary institutions are thus able to increase their productions and are able to offer higher quality products with higher productivity and better economics.
With the day-to-day increasing cost of energy and the accelerated trend of cost increases in labour and raw materials, the industrialists in global term can solve these problems only with the employment of Computer Controlled Systems. This problem is even more pronounced in Turkey where the trend of increased exports is predominant. In these cases where the highly flexible and evolving technology has been adopted any time, Ekin Industrial Devices has made significant progress. Ekin Industrial Devices with numerous applications in the "Stand Alone" and Distributed Control Systems, has achieved a well-accepted level of recognition with his locally manufactured systems. Micro-processor equipped modular devices can be expanded in line with the needs of the system and more flexibility can be achieved with additional cards. The CPU cards, input/output cards, analogue/digital converter cards that are all produced in the standard norms are placed in the racks of the modular designed devices. These highly reliable devices with Micro-processors can be linked to the personal computers (PC) within a system configuration. All data, parameters, alarm functions, statistical data related with the system can be saved in the computer hard disc. These can be followed in detail on the process flow diagram monitor. Necessary changes of the related parameters can be made online on the monitor. System can be managed over a single central computer or for complicated control systems, it is possible to manage over numerous Ekin Industrial Devices Industrial Computers in the form of "Distributed Control".