Fabric Centering Unit

DFCU is a product that makes decision for positions of materials which passes through DFCU and it repels the information of the position of the material to its outputs.

DFCU is positioned products by detecting the position of the products for which products are moving towards sensor.

Scanning of the web edges via infrared light.

High immunity to transparency fluctuations and external light.

Protective tubes made of Plexiglas or made of glass for your choice.

90 mm Tube Range

Control panel is optional.

Made of stainless panel. Contains electrical and electronically control systems.

Technical Data
Operating Voltage 220 V AC
Output 2 SSR, 1 Alarm
Control Panel Specifications
Manual and automatically operation
Tracking with signal lambs
24 V DC control valves
Valves lower
0.1 KW 220 V AC
Easy assembly
Catalogs and User Manuals
     Fabric Centering Unit DFCU Brochure download
     Fabric Centering Unit DFCU User Manual download