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DFCU - Fabric Centering Unit

DFCU is a product that determines the width by scanning the products passing through the infrared light and reflects the position information on its outputs.

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EC18 - Infrared Edge Sensor

EC18 makes it possible to optically and mechanically scan edge of the web.

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Headed resistance thermometers are generally used for tank, pipe, gas and liquid and surface measurement applications.

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DSF - Antistatic Brush

The DSF is an ideal and economical product designed to take on surfaces without using static electricity power supplies. DSF 35 is among the strongest and highest performing antistatic brush.

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As a company profile, Ekin Industrial Devices has been chasing new developments in the technology so closely and by the help of experienced RE-DE departments' engineers, we are developing, designing, and improving new industrial control cards.

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We produce reliable products to use in industry with our brand named as DACS.

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