Innovations mean the future. It is our aim to offer new products, develop existing products, expand product scale and services for even greater customer benefits. In so doing, we create an environment which allows creativity and ideas to show new solution options.

Our Customers

Our customers are at the heart of our corporate actions. Their satisfaction and success are the basis of our success. It is our aim to be close to the desires and requirements of our customers in every area - from development through to service - and fulfil them as best we can.

Our employees

Our employees are one of our key resources. For this reason, we see it as a key factor for our success that our employees should be comprehensively informed, motivated through clear and future-oriented targets and qualified to the best of their ability.


For Ekin Industrial Devices, quality means much more than highly functional products and optimized processes. Here, the highest quality requirements start in the selection of raw materials and purchased parts, through to correct after-sales consultation.

We are
Ekin Industrial Devices

Our Focus

Best Quality,
High Efficiency,
Customer Satisfaction,
Technical Support After Sales,
High Technology,
And Stable Electronic Cards With High Accuracy to Our Customers.

About Us

As a company profile, Ekin Industrial Devices has been chasing new developments in the technology so closely and by the help of experienced RE-DE departments' engineers, we are developing, designing, and improving new industrial control cards.