Magnetic Level Sensor

ELSA series magnetic level sensors are used in sensing and controlling liquid levels. Sensing element is stainless float. Any change of the liquid will cause the float to move directly with liquid. While float changes position, tiny reed switches will change contact due to the float movements so that the ohm value will change. Due to this change in the ohm value the output value of the converter which is combined to ELSA will change.

ELSA series magnetic level sensors have three different output form which are 0-10 vDC output, 4-20 MA output and OHM output.

It is used in dye tanks, water tanks, fuel tanks any place where liquid control is required.

Technical Data
Supply Voltage 24 vDC
Detection Range 1 cm or 5 mm
Output 0 – 10 vDC or 4 – 20 mA or OHM
Length Remark on Order
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